Hmong Roots, Why?


The purpose of Hmong Roots is to encourage conversation about Hmong topics.

Whether it’s topics about the Hmong American experience, Hmong history or Hmong jokes, we hope to encourage continued learning about the Hmong people among friends, neighbors, family and even strangers.
The goal is to educate others and ourselves about being Hmong. Our designs take a comedic and subtle approach to provide a segue into conversation.

If you’ve had a dialogue with:
 Another person about being Hmong.
 Someone who’s asked you “what is Hmong?”
...then, you’ve helped us accomplish our goal.


How and Where Hmong Roots came to be...

Hmong Roots was founded in 2009 in the Mission District of San Francisco. We were two young professionals connecting through our culture with stories about growing up Hmong. We loved going through this process with every Hmong person that we encountered in the city.

These conversations fulfilled an important need to belong in a large and sometimes lonely city. They reminded us where our drive to succeed came from - a kind, resilient, and loving culture.


Our goal is to educate others and ourselves about being Hmong.